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  • Safe and nutritious foods you can rely on. Low FODMAP certified, gluten-free, lactose-free, and low fructose.

  • Just heat for 3 minutes. Enjoy on its own or with rice, quinoa or bread. Easy peasy!

  • Long ambient shelf life. Easily keep a well stocked cupboard and always have a quick meal at hand.

  • Convenient for your lunch break, travels and meet ups.

  • Try our amazing Value Pack

    Only 4.88€ per meal.

    With our fantastic Value Pack offer, you can try all our curries and soups and find your favourites.

    Get 18 meals for the price of 16!

    All meals are certified low FODMAP by the Monash University. Plus gluten-free, lactose-free, low fructose, plant-based, no onion, no garlic, and certified organic.

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  • Founders: Pranav and Kalyanii Bihari

  • We know from experience how hard it is as busy professionals to follow a healthy and balanced diet - especially when you're suffering from food intolerances or digestive problems.

    That's why we created Froyda. We're committed to making a healthy and varied diet easy and quick to implement – also for people with food intolerances or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Each dish is carefully designed for sensitive tummies, so you can have a delicious, healthy and safe meal at your fingertips in just minutes.

    We handcraft all our meals with love in Berlin. Using a particularly gentle process, we preserve our meals in glass jars so that nutrients and flavour are optimally retained.

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