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Froyda Starter Pack

  • Low FODMAP
  • Low Fructose
  • Gluten-free
  • Lactose-free
  • No onion, no garlic
  • Vegan
  • Organic
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  • ✓ Enjoy healthy meals without cooking hassles.
  • ✓ Ready in just 3 minutes
  • ✓ Safe and nutritious foods you can rely on
  • ✓ Long ambient shelf life of more than a year
  • ✓ Convenient on the go, at work and at home

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Minimum order quantity in our online shop is 6 jars. The maximum order quantity is 24 jars.

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Shelf life and storage

Store in a cool dry place under 25℃. No refrigeration required for storage of unopened jars. Refrigerate once opened and consume within 2 days.

Shelf-life is 12 months from the date of manufacture. For best before date see lid. Shipped jars have at least 3 weeks left until the best before date unless otherwise noted.

Korma Curry (1 jar / 250g)

Edamame, carrots and potatoes in a mild and creamy tomato sauce. The classic origins of Korma lie in the royal kitchens of northern India, which were strongly influenced by a blend of Indian and Persian cuisine. Our Korma is deliciously creamy and packed with flavour.
More info

Palak Tofu (1 jar / 250g)

Tofu chunks in a slightly spicy and creamy spinach-mint sauce. Inspired by the traditional Indian dish palak paneer. By using tofu instead of paneer (Indian cheese), the calorie content of the dish is reduced and the iron content is increased. Seasoned with mint and coriander. Slightly spicy.
More info

Madras Curry (1 jar / 250g)

Green beans and potatoes in an aromatic tomato-coconut sauce. Inspired by sambhar - the traditional lentil and vegetable stew from tropical southern India. In our Madras Curry tangy tomatoes and aromatic spices are combined with carrots and creamy coconut milk to give the sauce a distinctly delicious flavour. Potatoes and green beans make this a hearty and nutritious stew.
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Chickpea Curry (1 jar / 250g)

Potatoes and chckpeas in a tangy tomato sauce, flavoured with our own special blend of sweet and sour spices. Inspired by the popular Aloo Chana Masala dish from the northern Indian state of Punjab, this curry is a favourite accomplice of many Indian street food delicacies.
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Lentil Curry (1 jar / 250g)

Brown lentils with kohlrabi and potatoes in a creamy and mildly seasoned coconut sauce. Inspired by the Avial coconut curry of the Indian state of Kerala, the key flavours of this glorious tropical dish are coconut, ginger, curry leaves, mustard and cumin seeds 
More info

Peanut Curry (1 jar / 250g)

Tofu, carrots and green beans in a creamy peanut and coconut sauce. In this curry we blend aromatic Indian spices with the citrusy Thai herbs lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves 
More info

Carrot Soup (1 jar / 400ml)

Organic carrot soup with sweet potatoes, coconut milk and ginger. Creamy, with a sweet and spicy note. 
More info

Supergreens Soup (1 jar/ 400ml)

Organic vegetable soup made with broccoli, spinach, fennel and dill. Delicate and creamy.
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Potato Soup (1 jar/ 400ml)

Organic potato soup with carrot, celery root, parsley and a hint of rosemary. Creamy and satisfyingly wholesome.
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Magical Marinara Sauce (1 jar)

Elevate your pasta dishes to the next level with our Magical Marinara Sauce.
More info

Sassy Salsa Sauce (1 jar)

Inspired by the rave reviews from our restaurant customers, we are delighted to bottle our salsa sauce for you to take this celebration of Mexican flavour home.
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Tikka Masala Sauce (1 jar)

Experience the symphony of flavors that is our Indian Tikka Masala Sauce.
More info

This is how Froyda's gourmet meals are created

We carefully and lovingly handcraft our meals using fresh organic ingredients. It is very important to us that all ingredients are of high quality and do not contain pesticides. Wherever possible, we also make sure to use regional ingredients.

Each jar is filled and closed by hand. To ensure that nutrients and flavor are optimally preserved, we use a particularly gentle process to preserve our dishes in jars. Afterwards, they are labeled and packed in recycled cardboard boxes in an environmentally friendly way and shipped directly to your home or office.

Enjoy meals despite a sensitive tummy

We want everyone to enjoy healthy and delicious meals, even if the tummy is sometimes (or often) a little grumpy. That's why we carefully craft every dish for sensitive tummies: from recipe development to making our own spice blends.

Our dishes are low-fructose, naturally lactose-free and gluten-free, as well as low-FODMAP certified by Monash University in Australia. So you can enjoy an easy to digest, healthy and delicious meal anytime in just a few minutes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Elixabete S. (Luxembourg, LU)

Healthy comfort yummy food!!!

M. H. (Berlin, DE)
Dafür, was alles nicht drin ist, super lecker!

Ich mache gerade die Low FODMAP Diät und bin auf ein Familienfest gereist, wo ich weder kochen konnte, noch das Essen essen konnte, was es vor Ort gab. Dafür war es perfekt. Alles schmeckt sehr lecker und ich habe mich nach dem Essen immer sehr gut gefühlt. Einige aus meiner Familie haben auch mal einen Löffel probiert und waren sogar neidisch auf mein Essen.

Birgit (Staufen im Breisgau, DE)

Bin sehr zufrieden. Alles war sehr sorgfältig verpackt. Bisher haben mir alle Sorten super geschmeckt. Obwohl ich etwas skeptisch war wegen der Würzung, weil ich mittlerweile nichts mehr selber würze, habe ich alles gut vertragen.

Ilka Z. (Hamburg, DE)

ich bin begeistert, lecker und verträglich

Johanna (Lennestadt, DE)
Echt gut.

Ich bin mega begeistert. Es schmeckt einfach nur richtig gut, ist gesund & obwohl ich einige Lebensmittel nicht vertrage hatte ich hier keine Probleme. Werde bestimmt wieder bestellen.